Jen Shears, NaturaL boutique, Newfoundland

Jen Shears is "a fiercely proud Newfoundlander and Indigenous woman of the Mi’kmaq First Nation." After studying Environmental Biology, she spent almost 20 years working for Canada’s National Parks, protecting wild spaces and creatures. "Conservation and the sustainable use of abundant renewable resources is deeply rooted in every aspect of my being. I can’t escape it. It’s in my blood and in my spirit. My husband and I have a young daughter named Aspen and we are instilling in her the values related to sustainably living off the land. She is the future." Jen owns Natural Boutique, in St. John’s, Newfoundland, specialising in renewable resource-based products, particularly those from the Newfoundland and Labrador seal industry. She is a proud supporter of this sustainable industry, and of the Newfoundland, Labrador and Aboriginal heritages that are closely connected to it.

Anti-Fur Protesters Are an Elitist Cult

Anti-Fur Protesters Are an Elitist Cult


Anti-fur protesters and animal rights activists are an elitist cult. Not only do they have opinions based solely on short-sighted…
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