What makes fur unique

There is a reason why a fur garment has always been a luxury item.

Not only is the process to get to the design and manufacturing stage labor intensive and lengthy, a fur item is one of the last remaining truly authentic, handmade garments available, created using artisanal skills maintained through centuries-old traditions.

From a creative standpoint, fur designs have moved far beyond the traditional knee-length brown mink coat. Today, there are myriad techniques to enhance the furs; innovative dressing, dyeing and texturizing procedures now inspire the designer and allow for the creative process to begin even before the style has been conceived.

New tanning, leathering, plucking, shearing, dyeing, sculpting, laser cutting, printing, knitting and intarsia techniques, among many others, have metamorphose fur garments into warm, practical and stylish fashion pieces that adapt to any type of wardrobe.

Because furs are a natural product, no two pelts are exactly alike. Each is unique and varies in thickness of skin, fur density, natural color, and size. In the same way, no two fur coats are alike, even if the styles are the same.  Each fur garment is an entirely unique and authentic work of art.

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