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How fur is produced in 5 easy steps



Whether raised on farms or harvested from the wild, fur is produced responsibly and sustainably.

Farming Trapping



International buyers find the best of North American furs at auction houses owned by the trappers and fur farmers themselves, ensuring that producers receive full value for their efforts.



New fur dressing, shearing, and coloring processes produce an exciting range of beautiful treatments for designers to explore. Fur is now more lightweight and versatile than it has ever been. And fur processing is carefully regulated in North America to protect the environment.


Design & Fabrication 

Each fur pelt is individually cut and sewed by skilled craftspeople to produce a unique garment or accessory.  The special skills employed by fur artisans have been passed down through generations.


Buying Fur 

Retail furriers can help choose the best fur for your lifestyle, but they are also expert craftspeople who can maintain, repair or completely re-style your fur.  A well-made piece will last for many years, making fur a practical as well as beautiful clothing choice.

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