Questions about the fur trade?

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Is fur an ethical clothing choice?
Are animals skinned alive for fur?
Is fur processing bad for the environment?
Does trapping endanger species?
Are farmed animals killed humanely?
What types of furs are used in the fur trade?
After the fur is used, what happens to the rest of the mink?
Are farmed mink raised only for their fur?
What is it really like to work on a mink farm?
How are fur animals trapped in the wild?
Are steel-jawed leghold traps still used in North America?
Why do we need foothold traps?
Are foothold traps humane?
How are trapped animals killed?
How are farmed foxes killed?
How are farmed mink killed?
How do we know only targeted animals are captured?
What happens to the rest of the trapped animal after the fur has been taken?
Why do we still need trapping? Can’t nature take care of itself?
Is fur still biodegradable even though it is ‘processed’ to make it long-lasting?
Are furbearers trapped only for their fur?
How are the prices of fur determined?
Do fur farmers and trappers get a fair price for their products?
How long does it take to make a fur coat?
Is fur still warm if it is ‘sheared’ to be less bulky?
Are fashion designers using fur in their new collections?
Why don’t designers use fake fur instead of real fur?
Where can I buy fur?
How do I choose the best fur for me?
Why is a fur coat expensive?
How long can I expect my fur coat to last?
What can I do with my old fur coat (or a coat I inherited)?
What should I look for in a vintage coat?
How do I protect my furs in the off-season?
Is there a market for rabbit fur?
How have foothold traps been made more humane?
What do farmed mink eat?
How can trapping be used for relocation?
Are farmed mink treated humanely?
Is it ethical to raise animals for fur?
Is trapping cruel?
Is it humane to keep farmed mink in cages?
What happens when mink are released from farms by activists?
What is mink oil used for?

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