Gregory Thompson, natural resource manager

Greg Thompson was born and educated in southern Ontario and resides in Ottawa. He holds degrees in political science and environmental studies from McMaster University and York University, respectively. He dedicated his professional career to the management of natural resources with emphasis on sustainable wildlife use, habitat conservation, species at risk and stewardship. His work and consulting experience with provincial, federal and national organizations includes: Fisheries and Oceans; Canadian Arctic Resources Committee; Inuit Tapirisat of Canada; Pollution Probe; Ontario Royal Commission on the Northern Environment; Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (DIAND); Environment Canada (EC); and, the Fur Institute of Canada. Greg joined the federal government in 1982, as a policy advisor with DIAND’s Northern Affairs Program, and later as the Senior Planning Coordinator with DIAND’s Northern Oil and Gas Action Program. Greg joined Environment Canada in 1989 where he was employed in a variety of executive roles from policy and regulation development to program design and delivery. His subject-matter expertise at the national and international level includes migratory birds and habitat conservation, international wildlife trade and biodiversity, enforcement and protection of species at risk. Over his career Greg provided coaching and mentoring support to entry-level managers in EC, DIAND, Department of Finance, Ontario Power Corporation and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. He has also served as a volunteer for many organizations including: the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Fish and Wildlife Advisory Committee – Pembroke District, and the Technical Review Board for DIAND’s Northern Scientific Research Grant Program. Greg retired from the federal public service in 2012. He is an avid clay target shooter, hunter and fisherman, as well as an advocate for Canada’s hunting, trapping and fishing heritage.

Standing Up to Anti-Hunting Bullies – A Case Study from Ontario

Standing Up to Anti-Hunting Bullies – A Case Study from Ontario


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