Don MacLauchlan, retired forester and wildlife manager

Don MacLauchlan is a native of Maine, and studied forestry at the University of Maine. He then spent the 31 years working for the Maryland Department of Forests and Parks. He began as a park ranger and in 1992 retired as Assistant Secretary of Natural Resources. He served as State Park Director, State Forester and Director of Fish, Wildlife and Heritage. He served in the leadership roles at the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies including nine years on the AFWA Executive Committee. He represented the states at international conventions such as the RAMSAR Convention on Wetlands, various Flyways groups, CITES, and as the state representative on the US Delegation that negotiated the Convention on Biological Diversity. After retirement, Don continued active participation in AFWA as staff specialist in international conservation for 19 years – trade, biodiversity and wetlands. He was an active member of the state team that developed the BMP program and has traveled extensively with both US and Canadian trade delegations. Don was among the founding members of Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation where today he serves as a director. He is currently Chief Executive Officer of Americas Fur Resources Council - a bi-national not-for-profit organization that represents North American wild fur in international fora.

Importance of Managing Wild Furbearers Greatly Misunderstood

Importance of Managing Wild Furbearers Greatly Misunderstood


The fact that several high-profile clothing companies recently stopped using fur in the name of “sustainability” — not to speak…
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