Fur Day on the Hill 2024

On February 6, the Fur Institute of Canada returned to Ottawa for Fur Day on the Hill 2024. Supporting us were our friends at Summa Strategies, and joining us were our colleagues from the Ontario Fur Managers Federation, Canada Mink Breeders Association and Saga Furs.

FIC Board members had approximately 30 meetings with Members of Parliament, Senators, representatives of the Prime Minister’s Office and Ministers. Topics covered ranged from re-establishing Canada as a fur leader, supporting Canada’s sustainable and humane seal harvest, and defending the use and trade of fur around the world. Targeted support to promote Canadian fur at home and abroad, continuing the Canadian Seal Products campaign, and a strategy to work collaboratively between the diplomatic corps and the FIC to combat disinformation and trade bans on fur, are all initiatives that the Institute team discussed with decision-makers.

We also hosted Parliamentarians and allies from the nation’s capital for a cocktail reception, where they were able to experience fur garments from Créations GAMA in Montreal and Ottawa’s own Pat Flesher Furs. The chilly February Ottawa weather gave a great opportunity for FIC members to wear their own furs, and for MPs to bring theirs as well.

FIC members with Gudie Hutchings
FIC Executive Director Doug Chiasson, FIC Board Member Francois Rossouw, Minister for Rural Economic Development Gudie Hutchings, FIC Board Member Nathan Kogiak, and FIC Chairman Jason White.
OFMF members with Michael Kram
OFMF Regional VP Ray Gall, MP Michael Kram, OFMF General Manager Lauren Tonelli, and FIC Board Member and OFMF President Scott Sears.
Rob Bollert with Chris D’Entremont and George Vongas
CMBA President and FIC Board Member Rob Bollert, MP Chris D’Entremont, and George Vongas of Saga Furs.
Meeting with Sebastien Lemire
Gabrielle Mailhot-Coté of Créations GAMA, MP Sébastien Lemire, and Doug Chiasson.
OFMF members with Jamie Schmale
Scott Sears, Ray Gall, MP Jamie Schmale, Shadow Minister for Crown-Indigenous Relations, and Lauren Tonelli.
Meeting with Blaine Calkins and Clifford Small
Jason White, MP Blaine Calkins, Shadow Minister for Hunting, Angling and Conservation, MP Clifford Small, Shadow Minister for Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, and Gabrielle Mailhot-Coté.
OFMF members with Adam Chambers
Scott Sears, MP Adam Chambers, Shadow Minister for National Revenue, Lauren Tonelli, and Ray Gall.
Damien Kurek with Corey Grover and Jason Parker
MP Damien Kurek with FIC Board Members Corey Grover and Jason Parker.
Gabrielle Mailhot-Coté with Clifford Small
MP Clifford Small and Gabrielle Mailhot-Coté.
Gabrielle Mailhot-Coté with Yves Perron
Gabrielle Mailhot-Coté and MP Yves Perron.
Fur trade reps meets Gudie Hutchings
Rob Bollert, Minister Gudie Hutchings, Doug Chiasson, and George Vongas.

Building strong relationships with Parliamentarians and government decision-makers is an essential part of FIC’s mandate to advocate on behalf of Canada’s fur trade. By re-establishing Fur Day on the Hill as an important part of the Ottawa calendar, the Institute is gaining allies of all political stripes, and making sure that more of the people who make decisions that affect our industry are familiar with our organization and our trade.

The FIC staff and Board will continue to engage with governments at the federal, provincial and territorial levels to support and defend Canada’s fur trade throughout the year.

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