Truth About Fur, voice of the North American fur trade

Truth About Fur – The Blog is an opinionated and free-wheeling new voice for the North American fur trade. This blog is a place for open discussions about the ecological, social and even philosophical dimensions of fur in our society. We will also address criticisms head-on, challenging some of the unfair misconceptions about our trade that some animal activists continue to propagate. All our guest bloggers are real people who make their living in the modern fur trade – as farmers and trappers, or in auctions, processing, design and fabrication or marketing. Please read, share and comment. We only ask that if you comment on the post, please do so with respect. We hope you enjoy Truth About Fur – The Blog. For more information about the North American fur trade, please visit our website, Truth About Fur. – Alan Herscovici, Senior Researcher, Truth About Fur

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