Do you hate PETA? Of course you do, but take comfort from the fact this has been a bad year for them. And the latest pratfall by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the affair of the “shocked” cat, may even make you smile.

First, there was the whistleblower whose account of her time as a PETA employee exposed their total unwillingness to rehouse animals (and the gruesome kill rate in their “shelter”).

Then there was their defeat in Virginia over the right to call themselves an animal “shelter” at all.

And then there’s the fact that fur has once again featured large on fashion catwalks this season.

Could it get any worse – or better, depending on your perspective? Yes, it could!

Now there’s this funny, well-made video slamming PETA for their ridiculous attempt to have an earlier video (of a cat being “shocked” with animated electricity) removed from the web.

The cat, of course, was never shocked at all, but Why I Hate PETA is shocking nonetheless. It’s shocking that PETA waste their resources threatening people who make comic YouTube videos about their cat! If I donated to PETA (and I’d rather flush my money down the toilet than do this), I’d be annoyed that staff were wasting time doing things like this, rather than, say, saving animals.

Oh yes, PETA don’t do that. They just kill them.

WARNING: The song will get stuck in your head, but it’s worth it. The video is hilarious!

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