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It’s time for our monthly Fur In The News roundup, and as always, we’ll be looking at the latest fur stories, but we’ll start with a couple of more general interest. First up, there’s a new illustrated parasite guide doing the rounds (above) that speaks for itself. Please share widely!

Then there’s the story of how nasty scorned vegans can be, which surprised even us. When a group of Californians found out one of their favourite vegan restaurants had owners who raised their own animals and then slaughtered them, they got a bit upset. Actually, more than a bit upset, they started sending the restaurant owners death threats. We are still trying to figure out how someone can claim to care about animals’ lives, but threaten human lives. It makes no sense! Then again, neither does not eating meat or not wearing fur.

peta, animal rights, protest, fur trade, fur industry, fur in the news

Since we are on the topic of activists doing stupid things, here is a story about a ridiculous anti-meat protest in Barcelona (above), where people covered themselves in “human meat” packaging. And here’s another one about PETA claiming that “eating chicken will make your kid’s d**k small.”

But thankfully, the media are exposing them. Here’s a great article about how PETA is a hate group in disguise, this article talks about how the end to killer whale breeding at Sea World is step one in a vicious activism plan to get rid of all animal use, and this article gives some great tips on how to avoid hiring an animal rights activist on your farm.

Fur Farm News

Speaking of farms, a recent mink release in Ontario has prompted an investigation by the police and a $100K reward, and the Ontario SPCA (which tends to be more anti-fur than pro) has asked that people bring farm concerns to them, instead of taking the law into their own hands. International Fur Federation CEO Mark Oaten wrote a great piece rebuffing a number of massively distorted “facts” (if we can even call them that) in a recent Daily Mail article about Russian fur farms. And while this is not directly related to fur farming, we absolutely love this in-depth piece about the cage-free chicken movement and how it is not best for the animals.

There is even some infighting amongst the silly activists, because they are divided on whether breaking into farms and releasing mink to their death is a good idea or not. When the majority of the released mink end up dying and their newborn kits die of starvation, I think we all know that this SHOULD NOT HAPPEN.


American trappers are seeing some opposition from various groups, firstly in Montana where there is talk of a ban on trapping on public lands and another group attempting to halt the export of bobcat and wolf skins. In Canada, a film maker has been praised for her film documenting the importance of the seal hunt for Canadian Inuits (above) and we published a blog post about a trip to a trapping workshop in Ontario. We also like this handy list of survival traps and these guidelines on protecting your pets from traps.

On the fashion front, we are very excited about Fendi’s upcoming fur couture show, which will take place in July. (Remember last year?) We also published an inspiring piece about a fashion student who took part in a fur workshop that changed his life.

peta, animal rights, protest, fur trade, fur industry, fur in the news

And here are a few links that will teach you something interesting or make you smile:

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LESLIE BALLENTINE: And last but certainly not least, in late May we lost a dear friend and a remarkable collaborator. Leslie Ballentine worked for some 30 years to help producers tell their stories and reply to animal rights challenges, including work with Ontario egg producers and later as founding Director of Ontario Farm Animal Council, and more recently as communications consultant for the Fur Institute of Canada and Truth About Fur, among other clients. Leslie’s knowledge, commitment and passion for our work will be sorely missed. We send our sincere condolences to Leslie’s husband Alan, to her daughter Kailin and to other family and friends. You left us too soon and we miss you already, Leslie. Thank you for all your hard work in our field.

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