Every month, as I read through the past month’s fur news headlines, I think to myself, “Wow, this animals rights activism story is even stupider than the ones from last month.” This month is no exception. In fact, June might be hard to beat because the activists have been up to some seriously stupid stuff. Let’s have a look.

peta, animal rights, fur in the news, fur trade, farming, trapping, seriously stupid, animal rights activists

In this article, PETA suggests that eating a burger is the same as eating your dog (pictured above). It is also campaigning to get Lululemon to stop using goose down in its jackets, and replace it with something synthetic. Great idea! Let’s “save” the geese by replacing them with petroleum-based products instead – so much safer for the animals and the environment, right? But this shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that these people value the life of a gorilla over that of a 3-year-old boy and think that setting fire to buses is going to further their cause.

Can you handle a bit more stupid? Here are our top three seriously stupid animal rights shenanigans from June.

Third place goes to the woman who spent $300 to get a lobster from the grocery store back into the sea. I guess she doesn’t realise that buying lobsters only contributes to demand, and her particular lobster was probably caught again 20 minutes after its release. (Grocery stores are all, like, “Lobster sales are going up! Even vegans are buying ’em!”)

Second place goes to the vile, disgusting PETA people who are using the Orlando shooting as ammunition (pardon the pun!) for their anti-hunting agenda. America’s largest mass shooting does not, I repeat, DOES NOT, deserve to be compared to hunting deer. EVER!

Deer Vasectomies?

Speaking of deer, the first place spot goes to the imbecile who thinks the best way to control the deer population on Staten Island is to start a 2 million dollar a year male deer vasectomy program, which the New York Department of Environmental Conservation thinks is a bad idea, and will have “limited effectiveness” and be “unable to quickly reduce deer-human conflicts.”

And let’s give the special runner-up award to Kimberly Sherriton, a housewife in Long Island who organised a series of protests outside a farm because she wanted to save the life of a cow that they were going to slaughter to eat. The best part? Her solution was, “Please, tell him to go to Whole Foods and go get some antibiotic-free beef there.” Because Whole Foods sells beef from cows that weren’t slaughtered, right? I can’t even deal with this level of stupid.

seriously stupid, peta, animal rights, fur in the news, fur trade, farming, trapping, animal rights activists

If you haven’t heard enough about the animal rights activists, then read about the crazy things animal rights activists say (some of these are quite disturbing), how animal-rights extremists endanger animals, four ways mainstream animal rights movements are oppressive, and the ugly truth about PETA.

Renowned Trapper

Moving on to the furry stuff! We just posted this piece about a renowned Canadian trapper on our blog (pictured below), definitely worth a read and if you want to know more, he’s written a book about his life! This is a great video on trapping, entitled Meet Your Local Trapper, and Vice has once again shown its support for hunting and trapping by publishing How to Make It as a Fur Trapper in Northern Alberta. Ever wondered why mink is the world’s favourite fur? We sure did, and that’s why we wrote this blog post about mink fur.

peta, animal rights, fur in the news, fur trade, farming, trapping, animal rights activists
True life stories of Métis trapper Alcide Giroux.

If you are struggling to find ways to include fur in your summer wardrobe (the struggle is real, people) then Vogue‘s piece 14 Ways to Wear Fur All Summer Long has some really useful tips. If you are in a shopping mood, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Kluger Furs has expanded and Adrienne Landau is now selling online, thanks to Beyoncé and Madonna. And if you are looking for a few soft materials to fill in the gaps of your fur wardrobe (maybe the summer mink ideas weren’t working for you?) then keep an eye out for this new blend: perino.

peta, animal rights, fur in the news, fur trade, farming, trapping, animal rights activists
Inuvik’s chief reindeer herder hangs up his lasso. Source: CBC.

A few more links worth reading:

When activists tell you that the majority of Americans think wearing fur is wrong, then they are lying. Americans think wearing fur is more acceptable than medical testing on animals, cloning, and extramarital affairs.

Want a job after college? Study agriculture – possibly one of the most secure fields of all.

Does real fur biodegrade faster than fake fur? We are doing a test called The Great Fur Burial.

We all know black, brown, grizzly, and polar bears, but have you heard of the pizzly bear?

Looking for a new job? Looks like there’s an opening for a reindeer herder in the Northwest Territories (pictured above).

We don’t mind breastfeeding in public, but we don’t recommend doing it in the middle of the road. And yes, this is vaguely fur-related 🙂

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