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This is the second installment in our Hypocrite series, aimed at exposing influential figures whose anti-fur arguments are full of holes. Today we’re talking about pop singer Pink, a PETA spokesperson and meat-eating “vegan” who loves wearing leather shoes.

The Hypocrite: Pink, pop singer, “vegan”, and current model in PETA’s “Rather Go Naked” anti-fur campaign.

The Hypocrisy: Pink helps the animal rights organisation PETA to campaign against fur. PETA, not coincidentally, also promotes veganism. So, depending on the day of the week, Pink describes her diet as “mostly vegan”.

And what does this mean? It means she “occasionally eats chicken and fish,” and can even “eat entire buckets of chicken wings.” She can also eat “an entire cheesecake in one sitting.” She may love wheatgrass smoothies and tofurkey, but at the end of the day, she’s just an omnivore like the rest of us.

On the subject of fur, Pink entreats us in her PETA poster to “Be comfortable in your own skin, and let animals keep theirs.” But she has no problem with a cow losing its skin so she can wear suede boots.

Pink, fur, peta, rather go naked
“Be comfortable in your own skin, and let animals keep theirs,” says PETA spokesperson Pink, seen here resplendent in her suede boots. Photo: GC Images

What they say: PETA says, “P!nk has become known for being super-comfortable in her own skin—so comfortable that she teamed up with PETA and photographer Ruven Afanador to make her point perfectly clear: She wants animals to keep their own skin.”


What we say: Pink, your suede boots are lovely, but they’re made from animal skin. So stop asking the rest of us to let animals “keep their own skin” while wearing it yourself.

Also, your diet of mostly veggies, but with chicken, fish and cheesecake thrown in, sounds great, but don’t call yourself “mainly vegan”, or even a vegetarian, just because you think it sounds cool (or because PETA told you to). You’re an omnivore.

You and PETA are clearly a mismatch, so please stop endorsing them immediately.

We’ll eat our steaks, and you can wash down your chicken with a wheatgrass smoothie.

We’ll wear our fur, and you can wear your suede boots.

And we’ll all refrain from telling each other what to do and how to live our lives. Fair enough?

Pink, fur, peta, rather go naked
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