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One of our favourite novelty fur trends this season: Fendi’s fur eye sweaters (centre).

October 2015 has come and gone, it’s time for our monthly Fur In The News roundup. Let’s start with trapping since the season is now well under way.

We loved this piece, “Getting permission should be your mission,” for its very useful tips on maintaining a good relationship with the owners of the land on which you trap. It may not be at the forefront of trappers’ minds, but it certainly is important!

Trapping is serious business” also features some great tips and reminds us all that the reputation of the trapping industry relies a great deal on how trappers work.

As for this debate, “Does hunting promote conservation?,” I’ll bet you can guess which side we are on!

We were thrilled to hear about this trapping education program in Ontario for primary and secondary students, which teaches them valuable skills and gets them out into nature. And if you aren’t a trapper and run into a coyote by surprise, this article tells you what to do. Best to read it now, since it might not be convenient when you actually need the information!

fur in the news, fur now

Not only are we in trapping season, but we are also in fur fashion season. When the weather gets cold, what else could you possibly want to wear?

For inspiration for your fur wardrobe, check out the amazing Fur Now campaign (pictured above.) If you are thinking of reviving an old fur coat to wear this season, then read these fur restoration and care tips. Toronto Life did a great piece on how a Canada Goose coat is made (proudly in Canada!), but if you are just looking for some fur fashion inspiration, then we suggest these Stoffa fur hats, or the Fendi fur sweaters pictured at the top of this page.

Speaking about shopping, when you are making your holiday gift list, be sure to consider some seal skin. We love this seal skin fine art, and here’s a great boutique to stock up on shoes, gloves, hats and other items made from our furry sea friends.

fur in the news, animal research, nobel prize

No monthly round up would be complete without reviewing what our activist “friends” (enemies) have been doing.

PETA is currently discriminating against pit bulls (apparently some pets are worse than others) and we’d like to remind them that there are no bad dog breeds, only bad dog owners. In other doggie news, a group in France decided to steal a homeless man’s dog, claiming he wasn’t taking care of it. The video, including the dog owner crying, is here.

Nobel prize winners were announced in October and we loved the graphic above from Understanding Animal Research. Thanks to animal research, we have made great strides in science and this should never be forgotten, or prevented in the future. Speaking of animals in labs, this article about an activist taking a tour of an animal testing lab resulted in something unexpected – for them! It turned out that they were very impressed about how the animals were being cared for!

fur in the news, vegan, veganism

The Animal Ag Alliance has some great suggestions on how to deal with farm security threats, and if you are only fighting them on Facebook, you may want to repost the graphic above, reminding self-righteous vegans that they probably consume a lot of animal parts, one way or another.

Or you could remind your anti-fur, silk-wearing friends that silk is made by boiling worms alive. That was the topic of our first in a new blog series featuring animal hypocrites, starting with Stella McCartney who claims that killing animals for fashion is wrong, but sells shirts and dresses made from silk.

fur in the news, stella mccartney, hypocrite

Now for a few bits and bobs:

• This library in Alaska lends out stuffed puffins, wolf furs, and walrus skulls complete with tusks.

• Want to know what the world’s densest furs are? Read our latest blog post to find out.

• This graphic has exposed the truth about Santa’s reindeer. They’re all … well, take a look for yourself! And we’ll sneak a peek when they turn up on our roof next month!

• There can be no doubt! Canada’s new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is a huge fan of fur. Here’s his 2010 family Christmas card!

fur in the news, trudeau, justin trudeau, fur
There’s no question! Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau loves his fur!

And of course we can’t end a monthly roundup without a cute animal, so here is a pet fox in a dog bed practising the high jump!

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