Let’s start the April Fur In The News roundup by talking about one of the most important annual fur hunts: it’s SEAL time!

We try and keep this monthly blog post upbeat, but sometimes things need to get serious, so let’s start with the sad news: this article paints a very sad picture of how native Greenlanders’ livelihood and way of life is being seriously affected by the EU seal ban.

Our least favourite rock star continued his uninformed tirade against the seal hunt. I read last week that Paul McCartney is one of the richest musicians in the world, so maybe he’d like to donate some his hundreds of millions to finding alternative work for all the seal hunters he protests against. Or even better, maybe he could just shut up and mind his own business.


Our other big April event was Earth Day – and we were sure to remind everyone about how fur is a green, renewable resource that is much less harmful to the planet than most of the alternatives.

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More Animal Rights Nonsense

Let’s move on to the thorns in our side … those pesky animal rights activists. But the good news is, they are getting lots of bad press!

PETA’s lamb shearing campaign (below) caused outrage, Meanwhile this article is exposing how PETA targets children in its advertising campaigns (this really is sickening). Then PETA stooped to new lows by teaming up with former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and controversial Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio (known for his total disregard of human rights when treating his prisoners) to promote vegetarian diets for prisoners. This video highlights just how hypocritical this campaign is.

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OUTRAGEOUS: PETA’s lamb shearing campaign

Here are a few more articles questioning the AR movement that are worth reading: “Let the Fur Fly: A call against animal rights extremists,” from the Wesleyan Argus; “Why do people value pets over humans?” from Bustle; and
Exactly what is endangered?” from The Compass.

There have been a lot of news articles talking about how important it is to look at both sides of the story – especially when it comes to issues involving animal rights. This article about a zoo in Vancouver was a prime example of how people can be incredibly misinformed about why zoos exist and how they get their animals. This piece, entitled “Don’t believe everything you see: the truth about undercover videos“, explains how activists get their videos and how normal farming practices can be misinterpreted as cruelty. Hopefully we’ll be seeing fewer and fewer such videos as legislators move to shut them down; Senate Bill 433, or the Property Protection Act, currently working its way through the North Carolina state legislature, is just one example.

Fur Farming Scores Points

While we are on the subject of farms, we consider it a great victory that the Canadian government is funding mink farm research. Here’s a nice profile on a farmer in Ontario, and this article talks about the security threats involved with having a fur farm, threats that don’t seem to be slowing down business. (Farmers: 1, Activists: 0.)

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Over at the Truth About Fur headquarters, we’ve been giggling over the animal rights activists attacked by clowns, wondering why an anti-hunting campaign (above) is being fronted by a model in a fur coat cavorting with a live bear, and writing about how we shouldn’t make assumptions about political views when it comes to who is pro- and who is anti-fur.

Save the Best for Last

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If you find yourself with a bit of extra fur lying around, you may want to consider some new, innovative uses for fur. How about a seal skin g-string? Or check out this crow who steals panda fur to line his nest.

Our most popular videos this month were this one of a vet trying to save a buck who is drowning from the weight of a dead buck whose antlers are locked with his (this is super suspenseful!), and this one of a bear trying to eat a fake deer.

Our favourite trapping photo is of these guys and their amazing beaver catch (above) from Full Response Scents, and the one that touched us most was this one from Minka Minkovitch (below), whose caption reads “Warmth and survival is more important than western propaganda.” We wholeheartedly agree.

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Warmth and survival is more important than western propaganda

Let’s end this month’s roundup with a warning for anyone traveling to New York City or Sweden: watch out for coyotes in apartment buildings and beavers attacking bus passengers.

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