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Let’s start our January news roundup with a story that has warmed our hearts: the story of a pair of fur farm vandals being jailed for their crimes. Nicole Kissane was sentenced to 21 months in prison and ordered to pay $423,477 in restitution, while her partner in crime is already serving a two-year sentence. Let this be a lesson to anyone planning on releasing mink and vandalizing fur farms!

fur in the ews, fur farm vandals, HSUS vs PETA, seal hunt, sealing, trappers, animal rights activists, PETA lawsuits
Did you think that HSUS was “better” than PETA? Think again!

In other good activist news, PETA is facing two lawsuits, anti-fur police impersonators are getting in trouble, and activists in the UK are going to be unmasked. If you are unsure about the difference between PETA and HSUS, this educational video (above) will be helpful, and if you need some help wading through the hundreds of lies these organizations use to further their agenda, here is our list of 5 Biggest Lies Animal Activists Tell About Fur.

At least the activists aren’t preventing people buying or wearing fur: these second-generation and fourth-generation furriers are thriving. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a furry baby gift, check out these stuffed animals made of real fur. And celebrities have not stopped donning their pelts, including the Duchess of Cambridge (below) and Puff Daddy. Need some inspiration for your wardrobe? Here are 8 Musicians Who Rocked Some Serious Fur Coats in 2016.

fur in the news, fur farm vandals, alpaca hat, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, trappers, animal rights activists, PETA lawsuits
The Duchess of Cambridge resplendent in her “ethically sourced” alpaca hat.

If you are in the market for something a bit more discreet, then how about these mink-lined shoes? Or something a bit more affordable? Here are some fur-lined parkas that won’t break the budget. If you’ve already got a fur collection but you need some tips of taking care of it, then check out our piece about protecting your furs from moths or this article about how to clean “fancy” fabrics.

fur in the news, Angry Inuk, fur farm vandals, Top Ten Film Festival, people's choice, seal hunt, sealing
Angry Inuk won the people’s choice award at Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival.

Our trapper friends will most likely agree with these articles about how trappers aren’t bad guys, the old-fashioned challenges are the lure, and how trapping is about being in the great outdoors. While we are on the topic of wild fur, we were thrilled to hear that Angry Inuk won the People’s Choice Award at this film festival (above) and this Vancouver restaurant is re-opening the debate of the seal hunt, by offering seal meat on its menu.

Chili Dog Anyone?

Farmers have been busy, as usual, dealing with drones that scare their animals and trying to educate their non-farmer friends. And does run-off from mink farms damage marine life? The answer is no.

fur in the news, fur farm vandals, chili vest, Finland, wolves, pet dogs
Chew on this dog and get a face full of pepper spray! Will it be effective against wolves?

Let’s end this month’s roundup with a few questions to reflect on:

Is it ok for the general public to dispatch an animal in distress?

Could you survive a power outage in Antarctica?

Is a spicy dog vest the answer to fending off wolves? (above)

Do dolphins use a wing man to meet the ladies?

Can a pair of fox shorts save your life?

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