Founder and designer of Helen Yarmak fashion house

“[Fur is] chic and sexy and makes you feel beautiful.”

Helen Yarmak is the founder and designer of Helen Yarmak fashion house originally based out of Moscow, Russia. Starting her line in the early ninties, Helen Yarmak quickly became extremely influential in the industry. Not only does she have many celebrity clients and friends, Helen Yarmak has also received numerous prestigious awards such as “Best International Designer Of The Year,” being the first Russian to do so at International New York Fashion Week. View her luxurious collection at helenyarmak.com

TruthAboutFur: Why fur?

Helen Yarmak: It’s chic and sexy and makes you feel beautiful.

TaF: What are your favorite types of fur to design with?

HY: All of them, but especially Russian sable.

TaF: What inspires you?

HY: Life and love

TaF: What would you recommend for a first-time fur buyer?

HY: Any fur that makes them feel confident and beautiful.

TaF: How do you describe your design aesthetic in three words?

HY: Luxe, chic, sexy

TaF: What do you see as the key fur investment pieces for the upcoming season?

HY: Any silhouette in sable or mink.

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