It depends on the type of fur you want. Functional furs like coyote-trimmed parkas and raccoon hunting hats are often carried by shops selling outdoor sporting goods. Like everything else these days, they can also be bought on-line.

For more expensive, fashion-oriented items like mink jackets and fox stoles, you’ll want to visit your local fur salon or specialty boutique. There you will receive expert advice on the variety of styles and types of fur that would be most suitable for your lifestyle.

If you don’t know where to find a fur salon, the Internet is your friend. Here is an excellent guide to fur retailers in Canada.

There is also a growing market for vintage furs, which are much less expensive than new garments. The best places to buy vintage furs are antique stores, vintage clothing stores, and flea markets. If you want your vintage fur remodelled, some fur salons offer this as a service.

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