J.P. Hooper, Canadian fox farmer, ca. 1929

Up until 1900, Charles Dalton and Robert Oulton were the only individuals breeding foxes in the West Prince area of Prince Edward Island, Canada. In 1900, Dalton sold a pair of breeders to Robert Tuplin and Captain James Gordon and another to B.I. and Silas Raynor. These six men formed the “Big Six Combine” and made a pact not to sell outside the circle. Robert Tuplin soon sold a pair to his nephew, Frank. Frank, unlike the “Big Six Combine” could sell to anyone. Fox farming soon spread throughout the Island with many men, including J.P. Hooper from Charlottetown, shown here, becoming involved in the industry. Photo credit: Public Archives and Record Office of Prince Edward Island, Fox Farming in Prince Edward Islands, Acc. 3466/HF 76.57.5

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