Is fur trapping necessary in today's society?

This video, produced for the Swamp Talk Outdoorsman’s Forum, looks at the damage caused by such wildlife as coyotes and beavers. Trapping is vital, it says, to limit such damage. An excerpt follows:

Animal rights activists want you to believe that trapping is no longer necessary in our society. The people making these claims obviously don’t own rural property and have never been educated to what life is like beyond the pavement.

Man: “I’m going to show you a bit of footage that’s pretty sad really. This was a phone call I got when the coyotes were wreaking havoc on this person’s livestock. If this isn’t a perfect example of why animals need to be controlled, I don’t know what is.” (Pictures and video of mutilated calves.) 

If your home, property, pets or livestock were being destroyed from the result of uncontrolled wildlife populations, would you welcome this invasion? Or would you want the trouble-makers removed? Think about it.

“Now this little guy here … The coyotes obviously ate him alive, dragged him alive, poor little calf. Poor little guy. And look at what the coyotes did to him.

“Now I want you to take a minute and think how you would feel if this was your baby calf, or if this happened to a number of your calves. And you were a small farm, trying to make a living, or even just a hobby farmer.

“Animal species need to be controlled. Now if this was your calf, would you want to take out the trouble-makers, get the trouble-makers removed from your farm, or do you just want total liberation for all animals like PETA likes? Let everything go and run free, and breed and multiply, and take over the Earth! It doesn’t make any sense, and that’s not going to happen.”