Setting the Record Straight About Fur.

The North American Fur Industry Communications group (NAFIC) brings together leading fur authorities in Canada and the USA with a mandate to provide accurate information about this remarkable heritage industry.

“ Truth About Fur ” is intended to give a voice to the men and women who carry on this unique artisanal tradition, working as fur farmers and trappers, processors and traders, designers and craftspeople.

The extraordinary natural warmth and beauty of fur has been appreciated for centuries. New processing and fabrication techniques make this superb natural material more versatile and accessible than ever. But the modern fur trade is also in tune with emerging environmental and ethical principles – an increasingly important concern for many consumers.

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American Legend Cooperative (ALC)

Based in Seattle, the American Legend Cooperative is a world leader in the marketing and promotion of fur products. ALC is the exclusive outlet for the American Legend® and Blackglama® mink, the finest quality mink in the world. ALC is also the producer of the “What Becomes A Legend Most” campaign, one of the most prestigious advertising programs ever created.

Website – alcbusiness.com blackglama.com americanlegend.com 

American Mink Council (AMC)

The American Mink Council (AMC) is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of U.S. mink producers, who in 1992, became part owners of  North American Fur Auction (USA) Inc. The AMC works cooperatively with its partners in the fur industry to advance the interests of U.S. mink producers in North America and internationally.

Website – amcouncil.com


Canada Mink Breeders Association was constituted in 1952 as a non-profit organization with a mandate to assist, protect and advance the industry in Canada and to advance and promote Canadian mink in both national and international fields.

Website – webtext.ca/canadamink.ca


Fur Commission USA is a non-profit trade association representing over 400 farming families working on close to 300 farms in about two dozen states. The FCUSA is dedicated to ensuring superior standards of animal husbandry and consumer education.

Website – furcommission.com


The Fur Council of Canada is a national non-profit association representing people working in every sector of the Canadian fur trade. The Fur Council’s corporative values are based on respect for people, land, animals and the diversity of humane culture. The FCC’s mission is to promote, defend and enhance the professional, economic, social and moral interests of our members.

Website – furcouncil.com


Fur Harvesters Auction (FHA) Inc., located in North Bay (Ontario) is trapper owned and operated, with ownership evenly divided between native and non-native trappers. FHA is known for fine North American wild fur, graded to impeccable standards. FHA is also the exclusive source for Genuine Mackenzie Valley Furs™ (Northwest Territories) and Nature’s Edge™ (Nunavut) wild furs.

Website – furharvesters.com


The Fur Information Council of America provides support to the fur industry on fur trends, legislative updates, market information and fashion promotion.

Website – fur.org


The Fur Institute of Canada’s mission is to promote the sustainable and wise use of Canada’s fur resources. The Fur Institute of Canada (FIC) is the national coordinator for the implementation of the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards in Canada and leads the country's trap research and testing program. The FIC is committed to delivering information to the media, the general public and government, pertaining to the economic, social, cultural and environmental issues surrounding today’s fur trade.

Website – fur.ca

Twitter: @FurInstitute


Fur Industry of North America (FINA) is the political/legislative arm of the North American fur industry. Founded in 2002, FINA was created to give a coordinated political voice to the North American fur trade, bringing together all major fur associations and institutions across the continent. FINA is also actively involved in state regulatory and legislative issues that affect the fur industry.


The International Fur Federation (IFF) is a not-for-profit organization, established in 1949, governed by a council formed by delegates from each member country and fur auction houses. With over 42 member organizations in 35 countries, the IFTF includes every important fur producing and consuming country from across the full spectrum of the trade: farmers, trappers, auction houses, merchants, brokers, dressers and dyers, manufacturers, wholesalers, marketing organizations and retailers.

Website – wearefur.com

Twitter - @we_are_fur


North American Fur Auctions’ principal business is the sale of raw fur pelts and is the largest fur auction house in North America and the second largest fur auction in the world. The mission of North American Fur Auctions is to be the premium seller and consignor service provider of the highest quality, origin-assured and broadest selection of fur pelts globally.

Website – nafa.ca