Truth About Fur Launches Redesigned Fur Website

Truth About Fur By Truth About Fur

If you haven’t visited for some time, you’re in for a pleasant surprise: North America’s premiere fur website has been completely rebuilt to better answer the key questions that people are asking about the modern fur trade.

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Truth About Fur was created to inform and reassure consumers, retailers, designers, teachers, journalists, political leaders, and anyone else interested in getting the facts about this remarkable heritage industry. Through expert interviews, media coverage, and in-depth articles, the Truth About Fur website is a fact-driven resource about the trade, hence the tagline All Facts, No Fiction.

In addition to a redesign, the website has new features and content aimed at dispelling myths about the trade and giving a human face to the people who work in it.

• A video, entitled “The North American Fur Trade in 2-Minutes Flat”, explains the processes from raw materials to finished products, as well as facts and figures about the trade.

• The new Ethics of Fur section shows clearly that the modern fur trade satisfies the ethical criteria generally accepted by society as the basis for when and how we use animals.

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October Fur News: Montana Trapping Under Threat

Truth About Fur By Truth About Fur

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Montana trapping is under threat. All sportsmen should pull together to protect this right.

The time of year is approaching when the main thing on many people’s minds is trapping. But we aren’t just talking about where and when to go trapping, or what to say to your boss if you want to skip work to go trapping. We’re also talking about a very important Montana trapping ballot coming up on Nov. 8. If it passes, it will ban trapping on the state’s public lands. Vote Clinton or vote Trump, that’s your decision, but please make sure you vote NO on i-177. The campaign has been primarily funded by out-of-state animal rights groups. If they win this, they’ll be one step closer to banning all trapping and hunting, and to their ultimate goal of making us all vegan. We’re serious, that is their goal.

Times like this highlight the importance of supporting your fellow sportsmen, even if they don’t partake in the same outdoor activities as you. Uniting sportsmen was the subject of our latest blog post, and if you want to learn more about the Montana ballot, read what the Sportsmen’s Alliance has to say. We liked these two op-ed pieces about the Montana vote, too: Trapping doesn’t hurt pets, as long as pets controlled and Vote no on the anti-trapping initiative.

Other states are also considering the future of outdoor pursuits, notably Kansas which will soon be voting on whether fishing and hunting are a right or privilege.

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April Fur News: Trapping and Stupid Activists

Truth About Fur By Truth About Fur

It’s time for our April Fur in the News roundup, so here’s our summary of the media’s coverage of trapping, sealing, fur fashion and stupid activists …

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Most modern trappers aren’t in it solely for a few extra bucks. Conservation, heritage, family tradition, exercise, insight, an escape – there’s millions of reasons why modern trapping is alive and well in North America. Photo © Jeff Traynor.

Let’s start with trapping, and this fantastic guest blog post by “modern trapper” Jeff Traynor (pictured), who talks about his love for this age-old skill and its traditions. Outdoor Canada recognized the importance of trapping and why hunters need to support Canada’s oldest profession. “There was some income involved, there certainly was a pursuit involved, and it’s an accumulative hobby,” veteran trapper Victor Blanchette is quoted as saying. It rings true, of course; Blanchette has been trapping for 50 years and knows what he’s talking about.

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Need to know when to sell your furs? This handy article from Grandview Outdoors gives some tips for trappers who need to decide whether to sell or store their skins. And if you ever get a cougar stuck in a trap, here is one way to release him (pictured.) But kids, it is best not to try this at home, or outside.

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Q&A: Does Trapping of Wildlife Endanger Species?

Truth About Fur By Truth About Fur

endanger species

Does trapping of wildlife endanger species? Truth About Fur asked Ryan and Minette Kole, certified nurses and trappers from British Columbia, Canada:

“That’s pretty well impossible with today’s strict, government-regulated trapping seasons and other rules.

“As trappers, our goal is to maintain stable and healthy wildlife populations; we don’t want to deplete our own resource – that would put us out of business!

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I Have a Lot of Respect for Trappers

James Braaten By James Braaten

Braaten1SMOn a recent Saturday I attended a small trapper gathering and I must say I always walk away from these events having learned a great deal.

Most years the big take-away is learning about the habits and activities of various furbearers and man’s attempt to catch them. Honestly, you can tip your hat to the bowhunter who ends their season with a nice new mount for the wall, but I will always have more respect for the trapper who knows the ins and outs of his passion so much that he can fill a pickup load of beaver … or coyote … or some other crafty, wary species.

Indeed, in the outdoors world for my money the accomplished trapper is the real rockstar deserving the utmost respect. This person has to know his sport so well that he can predict that a critter will step on a few square inches of a trap pan in order to achieve success. Certainly I’m not discrediting the hunter in any way. Instead, if you’ve never been closely aligned with someone who traps to learn what it takes … you’re missing a truly wonderful outdoors experience, in my opinion. Read More…

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