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February Fur News: Fur Fashion and Aggressive Activists

Truth About Fur By Truth About Fur

fur fashion

F is for February, Fur and Fashion so let’s start this month’s roundup with some fur fashion news. We loved this article about why Russian women love fur, and while there is certainly an element of glamour attached to fur coats, the message is overwhelmingly about warmth, something a fake fur will never be able to provide.

As well as being winter, it is also runway show season, and where there are fashion shows, there are furs. If you want a fashion update but aren’t looking to buy new, check out our guide on recycling old fur coats, or if you want an option that is super low impact (pardon the pun) then why not look into roadkill furs? Our fur coat of the month was definitely this teen’s seal skin parka. It looks great and we love the story behind it.

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Stop Saying Fur Is Only for Fashion

Alice in Furs By Alice in Furs

One of the arguments I hear over and over again is that fur is wrong because we are killing animals “for fashion”. Fur’s main purpose is not for fashion and I think it is time to set the record straight about why the majority of us wear fur.

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Furs from Neiman Marcus: a sable coat from Oscar de la Renta (left), and a mink jacket from Gorski (right). Both look good, but their primary purpose is to keep the wearer warm.

Defined as “A popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behavior” (Oxford Dictionary), fashion is constantly changing. When someone buys something to be fashionable, it is usually an item of clothing – or an accessory – whose life-cycle as a fashionable product is relatively short. That print, silhouette, or shape that is considered fashionable today is probably not going to be so next season or next year. On the other hand, classic clothing could be considered as wardrobe staples that do not follow trends and can be worn for many years. Would you not consider fur to fit into the latter? Fur coats are made to last and while some may be considered fashionable, nearly all are designed to have some degree of longevity.

Modesty and Protection

Let’s consider the purpose of clothing. We wear clothing for a lot of reasons, sometimes it is for fashion, other times status, or for identification purposes (a uniform, for example). But the majority of us wear clothing primarily for modesty and for protection from the elements.

Fur plays a huge role in protecting us from the elements. The majority of human beings live in climates where it is necessary to wear clothing throughout the year to protect ourselves from the sun, rain, wind, and cold. We have many options when the weather turns cold, and we have discussed the unintended consequences of wearing synthetics here.

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September Fur News: It’s Fur Fashion Season

Truth About Fur By Truth About Fur

fur news, fur fashion, louis vuitton, selena gomez, trapper hat, fur

It’s time for our September Fur In The News roundup and we want to talk about fur fashion! Namely the “hat of the season”, which just happens to be a trapper hat made of fur (above). Those are fashion trends we can get on board with! And for the guys, it’s all about fur slides. Have you bought your pair yet? And be sure to check out this fantastic feature in Vogue‘s September issue.

Speaking of trapper hats, we were pleased to read this article about how more women are hunting. It would be nice to hear of the same thing happening with trapping. And speaking of women in trapping, here’s a lady who truly inspires us. We love this video of Jane Dragon telling us about how nothing is wasted when using animals – a great example of how to use animals responsibly.

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August Fur News: Fur Fashion and Faux Fur Pas

Truth About Fur By Truth About Fur

As we are now officially into fur season, this month’s Fur in the News roundup features a lot of fur fashion, and some faux fur pas


Heading for the beach in fall? Elle shows you how to keep warm.

If you are in denial that summer is over, never fear, we still have a few good tips on how to combine fur into your beachwear wardrobe. Elle has several suggestions on how to wear fur on the beach (above) and Cindy Crawford shows us how to wear fur boots on a boat trip. Too bad she wasn’t in a kayak made of seal skin. Lucky for us, the summer’s most popular parka was made of fur and we think it will transition nicely into your fall fashion wardrobe. What else should you be wearing for fall? The fashionistas are suggesting fur sandals and these amazing fur backpacks from Fendi. Back to school is very chic this year!

If you love fur fashion, then you might be interested in reading about the longest fashion collaboration to date – the one between Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi which has resulted in some incredible fur fashion. And if you want to learn the tricks of the trade, then check out this school in Finland which teaches the skills to design and make fur garments.

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March Fur News: Sealing Season Is Here!

Truth About Fur By Truth About Fur

sealing season, fur

Putting sexy back in sealskin: Nunavut seamstresses aim for high-end fashion market. CBC News.

Here’s our roundup of Fur In The News from March 2016, and since April marks the start of the sealing season, of course it’s in the news! Although the activists are urging Justin Trudeau to phase out the seal hunt, that’s not going to happen. And that’s good news for everything, including this restaurant owner who has taken to feeding a frequent seal visitor, since they are so overcrowded in the seas and they are running out of fish. Meanwhile, if you’re wondering where to get your next pair of seal stilettos or seal skin bra, look no further!

Speaking of the seas, here is a highly depressing article about how whales are starving because their stomachs are full of plastic, and another piece about the impact fleece is having on marine wildlife. What is the solution? We suggest buying fur, leather, and other long-lasting biodegradable materials because as this article explains, “vegan leather” (synthetic leather to most people) isn’t as ethical as its fans think.

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Fur in the News: August 2015 Roundup

Alexandra Suhner Isenberg By Alexandra Suhner Isenberg

Let’s start our August Fur in the News Roundup by reviewing what the animal rights criminals groups have been up to. The strangest story came from our friends at Humane Watch, who are reporting that the HSUS are trying to ban bacon and eggs in Massachusetts. We are quite sure they won’t succeed in passing this law, but they sure have succeeded in being a total nuisance!

That said, we can’t always trust the government to make the right decision when it comes to animals, because California has banned bobcat trapping, despite scientific evidence that the population is growing and could benefit from being controlled. Let’s hope the bobcat population doesn’t grow to resemble the coyote population there – California residents are on high alert as there have been four reported coyote attacks in the past month.

Speaking of California, it seems like the West Hollywood fur ban has been somewhat reversed; you aren’t allowed to display fur in the window, but you are allowed to sell fur from registered trappers. Mink coats are in, Ugg boots are out. Things could be worse!

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The September cover of Vogue Paris features a beautiful fur.

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Fur In The News – February 2015 Roundup

Truth About Fur By Truth About Fur

February 2015 has come and gone, and it’s time for our Fur In The News roundup of the month’s best stories.

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Fendi Fall 2015

It’s a furry time of year in the fashion world right now. For starters, we are still in the depths of winter and furs are all over the streets.

On the high fashion front, February is the start of fashion month, when the top catwalk designers show their Fall 2015 collections. Who ever said fur is dead was very wrong. (Well, technically the animals are dead, but fur is VERY alive on our catwalks.) Spotted all over New York, London, Milan, and soon, Paris, fur continues to be a staple in the designer collections.

We’ve got a soft spot for Fendi, who are famous for their furs and showed a collection of fur-trimmed down coats that look like Canada geese on drugs. (You’ll also need some drugs to get over the shock of the price tags.) Check out their show on Style.com.

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