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Truth About Fur Launches Redesigned Fur Website

Truth About Fur By Truth About Fur

If you haven’t visited for some time, you’re in for a pleasant surprise: North America’s premiere fur website has been completely rebuilt to better answer the key questions that people are asking about the modern fur trade.

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Truth About Fur was created to inform and reassure consumers, retailers, designers, teachers, journalists, political leaders, and anyone else interested in getting the facts about this remarkable heritage industry. Through expert interviews, media coverage, and in-depth articles, the Truth About Fur website is a fact-driven resource about the trade, hence the tagline All Facts, No Fiction.

In addition to a redesign, the website has new features and content aimed at dispelling myths about the trade and giving a human face to the people who work in it.

• A video, entitled “The North American Fur Trade in 2-Minutes Flat”, explains the processes from raw materials to finished products, as well as facts and figures about the trade.

• The new Ethics of Fur section shows clearly that the modern fur trade satisfies the ethical criteria generally accepted by society as the basis for when and how we use animals.

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Why Animal Rights Activists Are Becoming More Aggressive

Alan Herscovici, Senior Researcher, Truth About Fur By Alan Herscovici, Senior Researcher, Truth About Fur

animal rights activists

For animal-rights activists, arson was a way to save lynx from a new ski resort, Vail, Colorado, 1998.

I received a phone call the other day from a very frightened fur retailer. Two young women had come into his store while he was serving a customer and begun lecturing him about the evils of selling fur. He had tried to stay cool and asked them to leave, several times, but they kept at him until, finally, he lost it and said things he wasn’t proud of. They had filmed him too; now his outburst was on an activist website and his Facebook page had been bombarded with comments accusing him of being a sexist thug.

“Am I finished?” he asked, shaken. “That’s not me, but they were so aggressive; honestly, I was frightened.” I told him to remove the threatening posts from his Facebook page – but to take screen-grabs first, for the record. I also advised him to make a police report about the women who had harassed him, and to ask the police to keep an eye on his store at night. (The windows of several fur stores in the same town were broken in the weeks that followed.)

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. An outerwear store that sells fur-trimmed parkas in Vancouver has endured rowdy protests several times a week for more than a year. Activists now often follow fur-wearers down the street, haranguing them. DxE (“Direct Action Everywhere”) activists invade department stores, intimidating consumers and thumbing their noses at store security. At the opening of new Canada Goose stores in New York and Toronto, protesters carried “F*ck Canada Goose” posters. (So much for compassion and intelligent dialogue!) “Fur police” recently patrolled the streets of Hamburg, Germany, lecturing fur-wearers and giving them “tickets”.

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Hypocrite Profile: Ricky Gervais

Truth About Fur By Truth About Fur

ricky gervais, fur, hypocrite, animal rights, animal welfare

Hypocrite: Ricky Gervais. Photo: Thomas Atilla Lewis.

Welcome to the fifth installment of our Hypocrites series, dedicated to exposing celebrities who use their star power to attack the fur trade – while failing to see their own glaring contradictions. Today we turn the spotlight onto brash British funnyman Ricky Gervais, who fancies himself as a defender of animals. He has spoken out strongly against the use of animals in laboratories, trophy hunting, bull-fights … and fur.

In fact, Gervais had the dubious honor of being named PETA’s “Person of the Year” in 2013, and returned the favor by providing the voice for a skinned rabbit in a recent PETA anti-fur/anti-leather video. (Fellow celeb-hypocrite Pink played a skinned alligator.)

Interestingly, Gervais hasn’t attacked other sectors of animal agriculture or the fishing industry … maybe because he loves a Christmas feast of “roast turkey” with “little cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon, no doubt about it.” Or that he regularly eats chicken, is a cheese addict, and loves fish sticks.

“Animals are not here for us to do as we please with. We are not their superiors, we are their equals. We are their family. Be kind to them,” says Gervais. Unless, of course, we fancy them breaded and fried.

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5 Reasons Why It’s Ridiculous to Claim Animals are Skinned Alive

Truth About Fur By Truth About Fur


skinned alive

One of the most insulting and insidious lies spread by animal activists is that animals are “skinned alive” for their fur.

The origins of this vicious lie go back fully 50 years, to the first seal-hunt protests, and those charges were soon proved to be false, as we will explain soon. Ten years ago, the old myth was revived – this time about Asiatic raccoons. Since then, activists have become more and more extravagant, claiming (and, no doubt, believing) that rabbits, mink and other species are also treated cruelly, including being skinned alive.


Genesis of a lie: In 1964, a Canadian sealer was paid by film-makers to poke a live harp seal with a knife. And so the myth about skinning animals alive was born. Photo: Visit Greenland.

One of the main goals of Truth About Fur is to debunk falsehoods about the fur industry, so let’s make something perfectly clear: Animals are NOT skinned alive for their fur. Period.

Here are some of the reasons why it is absolutely ridiculous to even suggest it.

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Fur in the News: September 2015 Roundup

Alexandra Suhner Isenberg By Alexandra Suhner Isenberg

Let’s start our September 2015 Fur in the News roundup with some fashion news because September sees the launch of the Fall and Winter collections and that means FUR SEASON!!

fur in the news, fur, fur shoes, seal skin, seal hunt

Usually, when we think about fur we think coats, scarves, jackets, or hats, but this year it is all about the fur shoe. There was uniform experiment’s gorgeous sealskin loafers, the “loafur” trend, these kangaroo fur-lined shoes from Gucci and a pair of fur heels that appear to be quite difficult to walk in. If fur shoes aren’t your thing, how about mink bikinis?

If you prefer more traditional fur pieces, then join us in salivating over the gorgeous furs in this new Blackglama video, and if you are super traditional, you might be interested in reading about these sealskin garments paired with caribou antler jewelry.

The last fashion story in this month’s roundup is the blog post by Mark Oaten, CEO of the International Fur Federation, about Hugo Boss’ hypocritical “no fur” stance.

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Fur in the News: August 2015 Roundup

Alexandra Suhner Isenberg By Alexandra Suhner Isenberg

Let’s start our August Fur in the News Roundup by reviewing what the animal rights criminals groups have been up to. The strangest story came from our friends at Humane Watch, who are reporting that the HSUS are trying to ban bacon and eggs in Massachusetts. We are quite sure they won’t succeed in passing this law, but they sure have succeeded in being a total nuisance!

That said, we can’t always trust the government to make the right decision when it comes to animals, because California has banned bobcat trapping, despite scientific evidence that the population is growing and could benefit from being controlled. Let’s hope the bobcat population doesn’t grow to resemble the coyote population there – California residents are on high alert as there have been four reported coyote attacks in the past month.

Speaking of California, it seems like the West Hollywood fur ban has been somewhat reversed; you aren’t allowed to display fur in the window, but you are allowed to sell fur from registered trappers. Mink coats are in, Ugg boots are out. Things could be worse!

fur in the news, fur, magazines, fur fashion, magazine covers, fashion photography, fur coat

The September cover of Vogue Paris features a beautiful fur.

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Fur in the News: June 2015 Roundup

Alexandra Suhner Isenberg By Alexandra Suhner Isenberg

June was a busy month for mink, one of our favourite farmed animals and so much cuter than cows, right? So let’s start our Fur in the News roundup with a mink farm attack in Ontario, Canada, where animal extremists (who later claimed responsibility) released 1,600 mink from their pens. Normally farmers manage to retrieve a lot of their animals following such attacks, but this time there was another danger: the mink were new mothers, and the lives of their tiny kits were put at great risk due to the cold temperature and their need to feed constantly.

For a change, it was our turn to show disturbing photos of animal suffering, because many of the mink did not run off to start a wonderful new life in the wild. Read our piece: Mink Liberation : 5 Facts the ALF Doesn’t Want You to Know.

fur in the news, mink, mink farm, fur, truth about fur, fur industry, fur farm

Check out our new series, A Year on a Mink Farm. After mating, two mink enjoy a post-coital snuggle. Photo: Truth About Fur.

Does all this talk about mink farming put you in the mood to learn more? Then check out our new series entitled A Year on A Mink Farm (see above). Part 1 is about breeding and Part 2 is about whelping and weaning.

Dumb and Dumber

June wasn’t a good month for the animal rights extremists (insert fist pump here) because they did some stupid things and the media took note.

First of all, the British weren’t too impressed when PETA demanded that Britain’s oldest pub, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, change its name.

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